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Illuminate the Darkness is run by a small group of friends who love Jesus Christ.


Linda worked with subculture ministries and youth for over 20 years. She was a host home for traveling bands for 15 years, is a mother of 5 grown children, and a grandmother to 6 wonderful grandkids.  

Tina is a creative, artsy, Gothic Jesus-girl with a heart for people. She has had Pastoral training and has enjoyed ministering to youth, singles and helping at different Christian festivals for many years.

Jodi is a licensed minister who worked as a Children’s Ministry Director & Leader in a church of over 2000 members. She is also a United States Marine Corps Veteran. Her focus is spiritual warfare and the prophetic. She supports Veterans, and SRA Survivors, providing spiritual counsel and prayer.

Jessie is a Chaplain that specializes in two areas: Military and Veteran support, and those bound in Occult darkness, including The Brotherhood, The Illuminati, Satanists, Luciferians, Masons, Goths, Vampires, Witches/Warlocks, Bloodline Families, and The Hierarchy.  She has also written two books: His Kingdom Comes In Power, and The Anointing Over Flows.

Marion is a novelist, photographer, artist, translator and strategist/activist. Whenever she can, she strives to combine these disciplines in order to amplify the message she wants to convey. She is actively involved in the prophetic, intercession, and spiritual warfare. She is the delegate for Illuminate the Darkness in the Netherlands and is also the webmaster of the website.

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