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Books and Courses

Jessie has also authored many Courses and several Books. Jessie is training up Believers through her Coursework, Coaching and Conversations on her website She offers a vast amount of equipping videos to help the Church combat darkness.


In her first book "His Kingdom Comes in Power" speaks to spiritual encounters with people who question spiritual truths about the darkness and the things that happen in the spirit world. It addresses the truths that we have a spiritual enemy that wants to destroy our faith and prevent us from walking in the authority and power we have thru faith and love.  Her second book "The Anointing Over Flows" speaks to the spiritual discipline of anointing.  It is filled with Scriptures, prayers and testimonies of how the Lord worlds as we apply spiritual disciplines in our lives.  "5 Minutes of Grief with God" is her newly launched Book.  It is a compilation of reflections, Scriptures, and prayers written by Jessie as she walked through her own grief after the loss of her son Josiah in Oct. 2021.

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