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The Veteran Project

Jessie Czebotar is a Chaplain who has worked with United States Veterans in Hospitals, Hospices, and in Community settings for more than 10 years.  She now has her own ministry called Illuminate The Darkness and speaks weekly on five Channels on YouTube and other media platforms.  You can listen to Jessie's Shows on:

Right On Radio, The Reveal Report, Aquarius Rising South Africa, David Zublick and Carmen Studer. 

Illuminate The Darkness is passionate about presenting challenging topics that impact Veterans, Survivors of SRA and sexual abuse, The Netherlands, and Whistleblowers who risk their lives to tell their truths. These topics are addressed on platforms to provide educational videos, teaching, training, anointing and prayer.


The Veterans Project is all about Serving Those who Served and creating awareness about veteran issues. So what are ways we do that?


Monthly Donations to The Vet Project: These funds given by gracious donors go to Veterans who are financially struggling. We are very selective and our program is based on helping those who have long term needs rather than just responding to  immediate needs.  We give donations to help pay Rent, Utilities, Household, and Grocery Money, and the occasional immediate needs as they arise. If you would like to donate to this program, you can use donation button or mail check to: Illuminate The Darkness/ PO Box 10443/ Fargo, ND 58106


Squares with Prayers: For those who love to knit and crochet, we have a group that makes squares while praying for the Veterans.  We sew them into afghans and distribute to Veterans.  We ask all squares be as close to 7"x7".  Please mail squares to: Illuminate The Darkness/ PO Box 10443/ Fargo, ND 58106

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